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May 2010
.I've talked to Lawrence after the Madrid set in March and here's the news due for this year:
- A new Go-Kart Mozart Cd "On the Hot Dogs Street"

- A mini-album promoting the above work
- Acording to Lawrence, this is the year for the release of Lawrence of Belgravia

Saint Etienne presents FINISTERRE – A film about London by Paul Kelly and Kieran Evans

Director: Paul Kelly and Kieran Evans (58:48)
Produced by CC-Lab
Presented by Saint Etienne, Finisterre takes us on a journey through London, from the suburbs into the heart of the city over an imaginary 24 hours. Featuring the observations and reminiscences of Lawrence from Felt/Denim, Mark Perry, the editor of original punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue, singer Vashti Bunyan, and many more, Finisterre

"Enraptured by the possibilities the city offers for creating exhilarating forms of social and cultural life... FINISTERRE should serve as an inspiration to London Lovers everywhere."
-Sight & Sound

"Beauty, pathos, magic -- FINISTERRE, like the city it chronicles so lovingly, has it all."
-The Telegraph

**** [four stars] "A feature-length love letter to a pop-art metropolis. The camera's unequivocally seduced by the dazzle and the drizzle of the wonderland."

Click on the image to see the film, here to see the trailer(01:34) or here to buy

26 March 2009
Articles>Phil Jones played had a short term experience with Felt, in The Phil Jones Experience on Felt
.Lyrics>New Felt bass tabs

August 2008

.SPOTING LAWRENCE: I was due to see Subway Sect with Gary playing drums on Friday, but I was ill. Gary told me later that Lawrence had attended the gig. He came with Paul Kelly and his camera - they were filmig at the Subway Sect soundcheck, and Lawrence interviewed Vic straight afterwards. (LM)

15 April 2008
.Multimedia>Denim live in Later with Jools Holland,: Crocodile Rock

24 March 2008
.Articles>Beginners Guide How To Buy Lawrence - Denim - Felt, by Adrian Denning
.Articles>Lawrence: the pop star who relished failure by Alan McGee
Top Ten Song and/or Album Titles by Felt, writen by Todd Hutlock
.Reviews>Pol Dodu reviews Felt
.Reviews>Felt: Forever breathes the lonely word, by Robin Tripp
.Multimedia>Denim live in Later with Jools Holland, GKM live and 2 Felt cover bands!
.Discography>In Discography>Compilation we have 2 new cds featuring Felt tracks (Beloved and First Wave)

November 2007
.Click in Colonel K's to read a great review on Absolute Classic Masterpieces (Review section).
.For those hoping for an old Felt live video lost in mama's attic, here's some good news: I have in my possession 2 live tracks from Greenock, Scotland.
A big thanks to Chris Davidson and Paul Barr for sharing the video and for blind trust.
Gig stills are displayed in the Pictures section.
.Deborah, music writer/reviewer from B-Rock, wrote "Beautiful losers": a remarkable essay on Felt .
.Andy Murray found out a rare 1993 interview with Lawrence in Indiecator magazine. Read it here and here (in pdf format).
.And Lawrence's thoughts on Steve Jones (Uncut Sep 2006)

23 October 2007
.News> 2 tracks from the Greenock gig in Scotland has been found. To be converted, to be shared.
.Articles>Lawrence's thoughts on Steve Jones
.Articles>Lawrence interviewd by Indiecator magazine.
.Articles>Excelent Article on Felt: Beautiful losers, by Oh! Deborah (B-side Rock)
.Discography>Novas tendências lp, on Felt compilation.
.News> My profile in last.fm and Discogs.com
I'm creating a Felt trivia and curiosities file.

8 August 2007
.Related>Lyrics: "The Osmonds" guitar chords (partial) (Back in Denim)
in musicianguide.com, a nice Felt biography where you can add info.
.Links:In Rate your music you can rate Felt music.
.Links:Capas de culto tributes Felt and Denim album covers.
.Multimedia: 30 seconds sample track from Deebank's "Inner thought zone" (Cherry Red site)
.Multimedia:"Official" Primitive Painters videoclip in Youtube.
.Reviews: The Best Song Writers Ever (Corner) - Felt a.k.a Lawrence Hayward - Absolute Genius.
.News: Although the Fly site is closed, recently Marco Thomas, Gary Ainge and Martin Davies rehearsed new stuff.
.News: For those inquiring Paul Kelly's documentary on Lawrence and acording to Christopher Basterra "The film is based on an extensive interview of Lawrence, talking about music, politics and so. There will be live footage of GKM gigs and interviews of other characters. It's supposed to be titled Lawrence Of Belgravia". Rumors sugest the film is not ready yet.
.Multimedia:Turbonegro has a cover of Back in Denim in their latest release, Retox.
.Multimedia:Penelope Tree live cover by C-86 All stars and Primitive Painters clip in Youtube (no id text, no logo, with different inserted images, a sort of Director's cut).

2 July 2007
.Articles:Tony Willé played guitar with Felt and shares his experience with the band with Felt fans.
.News: Phil King is touring with The Jesus and the Mary Chain.
.Reviews: I've updated some unlinked data. Recheck direct links to Natxo Jiménez and Pol Dodu's sites.
.Lyrics: The day the rain cames down

17 May 2007
.Lyrics: New Felt chords and Tabs
.Articles and Reviews: Spain (Natxo Sobrado) and France (Pol Dodu) suplied great articles and Reviews on Felt.
.Multimedia: Glitter all over again available for download
.Pictures: Old Lawrence pics and memorabilia

20 March 2007
.News: Crumbling and Splendour are going to be released again in vinyl.
.News: Sunlight bathed the golden glow demo available for download.

22 February 2007
.News: I've got 4 GKM's bootlegs.
The Versatile Newts single is going to be reissued in Messthetics #103 : The Versatile Newts single was Shangai records second release (the first was Felt's Index). I believe Nick Gilbert already gave his ok to Chuck Warner, responsible for this much awaited reissue.

22 January 2007
.News: In Uncut's november issue, On a building site was included on the top 10 best songs about Work.
The December issue granted Back in Denim in "Uncut's top 20 reissues in 2006".

30 November 2006
.News:Lee McFadden found out that the b-side from Penelope Tree promo is different from the already known lp versions.
Index single (1979) has beaten a new record price in Felt items on Ebay. It was sold for 163 pounds (about 241 Euros).
.Discography>A picture from the rare Pillows & Prayers cassette

8 November 2006
.Multimedia> Primitive Painters cover by a german band.
.More photos!!
.News>See some videos featuring Phill King in Youtube
.News>GKM are playing live: supporting Jarvis Cocker in Camden this wednesday, 15th November at Ko Ko!

25 October
.News>27th October = GKM live in London: The Magic Numbers, Gokart Mozart, Vic Godard & Subway Sect + DJs Saint Etienne and Jeff Barrett live on ICA, London. More details in here.
.News>GKM Gothenburg gig review for only: If you're , or if you speak , then click here (Puss Ida)

.News>Fresh live photos from GKM: pictures from the Gothenburg gig. Also fresh new photos in the Felt pictures (go to Pictures section).
.News> Videos featuring Phil King in Youtube: Phil King (ex-Felt, ex-Lush) features in some old videos now available in Youtube: Primal Scream - Gentle Tuesday (playing drums) and Apple Boutique - Love resistance
.New Pictures (Old Felt ones) and from the Stockholm gig a couple of weeks ago
.Seek out for GKM videos in Youtube.com
.The documentary on Lawrence, "Lawrence of Belgravia" is not ready yet, although it was planed to be premiered in the London Film Festival this autumn.

4 September
.A place where you can download some remixed Felt/Denim tracks: "Felt-Denim-Go-Kart Mozart remixes"

18 August
.News>The last GKM album is going to be released in October:
"On the hot dog street"
.Reviews>Tearing up the album chart and also Ballad of the band, by Davide Ariasso (in italian)
.Articles> Felt article (in italian)
by Alessandro

11 August
.Multimedia>Middle of the road and Primitive painters videos on youtube.com
.Articles>Lawrence's interview to Popnews (June 2006 edition)

25 May
.Multimedia>Declaration DVD promo
.Discography>It's confirmed: it's out: Goldmine trash reissue
.Multimedia>Goldmine trash tracks from the Cherry Red site

8 May
.Pictures>created a partition in Kodak Gallery were all photos are displayed in 7 albuns
.News>Back in Denim was reissued thru Cherry Red
.News>Lawrence's planning to tour. Spain might be a destination.
.Compilation Discography> Treibhaus compilation featuring Primitive painters

28 April
.Related Discography>New Mexico 70 cd and a 1992 compilation featuring Mexico 70
.Discography> 2004 compilation featuring Felt
GKM is playing in London on the 5th of May! (entry 7£)
at Workingmensclub

6 March
.Links>Felt, Denim and GKM in Myspace (with mp3)
.Mainpage>More news about the Paris gig in 27 March.
Italian website Indiepop compiled what they consider to be the Top 100 indiepop albums of all-time.
'Forever Breathes The Lonely Word' is at #7 (source indiepop.it and Creation records site).

3 February
Pictures>pics from GKM's last gig in December and the setlist.
.Discography>New rare Taiwan tapes (Other Editions).
Reviews> GKM last cd reviewd by the Journal Público
(in portuguese)

5 January 2006
.Discography>John Peel's Festive 15 includes Primitive painters and Cherry red reissued Goldmine trash with a different cover

12 December 2005
.Articles> The Guardian interview
.Reviews> 2 excelent Felt retrospective reviews, updated Adrian's link (he has a review on the last GKM)
.Lyrics> GKM's Tearing the album chart and puted some chords on some Felt tunes
.Pictures> 2 more for the collection
.Discography> updated some info on Index single

14 June 2005
.Lyrics> Whirlpool Vision Of Shame and I Worship The Sun
.Reviews> Denim: Back to Denim (fac-simile) article (Mojo magazine May 2005)
.Finally out: Go kart Mozart's last cd: Tearing up the album chart!!!!! (
cd insert.)

3 May 2005
.Multimedia>listen to Robot voice, from the unreleased Denim album "Denim take over" and also 3 tracks from back in Denim!
.Review> A great review on Back in Denim, from Orbis Quintus.

11 April 2005
.News on Lawrence and new releases...soon
.Related discography>New promo cd from GKM
.Lyrics>Tabs from Strange Idols...
.Got me a new mail: rkalda (at) gmail.com. The old one bazooka (at) tugamail.com will be discontinued.

9 January 2005
.Mojo Magazine readers (last edition) voted Forever breathes the lonely word in Creation's Top 10 best albuns.
.Latest news in the Fly site: receive a free Fly mp3 . Go to the Fly site and send a mail to Martin Davies.
You can also see the Multiplex video online.
.I also corrected some broken links and stuff...

16 March, 2004
.Main>Lawrence is planing to release a live cd, a b-side compilation and a rarities cd.
Right now, Paul Kelly's filming Lawrence and his new project, and there's someone on England wrinting on Lawrence.
.Discography & Related> Bootlegs are now rated from 1 to 5 stars.
.Articles> Poemas da cidade [Poems of the city].