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Cherry Red records (Felt)
Creation Records (Felt). To read the newsletter, click here
Elefant records (Fly and the Tribute to Felt cd)

Buy Felt (or related) cds

Amazon. Has some Felt cds, reissues mainly.
CdNow. The same as above.
Eil (sells loads of Felt cds and lps, some of them rare)
Ebay (very cool!! sells rare, normal stuff in first or second hand, lps and cds). You can find me there as bazooka! (if you do, don't bid against! ;))
Contraseña records. Represents Cherry Red catalog in Spain
Gemm. Great site, but extremely (criminally) expensive! lots of second and first hand Felt and related cds, lps.
  Vinyl on the net
  Abecedarians - specializing in rare & collectible new and used cds
Cdgo - Great site for to buy Felt cds
Fnac - For an easy reservation, check if there's a Fnac in your hometown. You can order from there.
Gema Records
Sisterray - a site with good offer.
Musicstack - Interesting site, with some good Felt, Mexico 70 and Denim stuff. Highly recomended!
Musicline - Great site where you can hear 30" sample tracks from all Felt and Deebank cds. A must!


Foxtrotecholimatango released a Felt Fanzine. Out of order.
Discogs is a great music database with info on the bands and specially on bands discography
Lawrence on Facebook - a fan page on Lawrence
Felt on Facebook - page hosted by Graham
  Felt Discography - Highly recomended site, were you can find detailed pics of sleeves and discs
All music guide. Article, reviews and Discography. Best general music database in the net.
ARTISTdirect Network. With a Felt Bulletin Board.
Jamblo's Felt (and related) discography. Remaked recently, but not updated. Nice apresentation though.
TweeNet. Discography and article by Alistair Fitchett). Can also be found in Tangents
New Musical Express. Shamefully very poor info: Only Denim reviews.
Record price guide. A guide to lp prices. Very helpfull for ebayers.
Adrian Denning review page - The best Felt page (apart from mine, of course!). Always updated. Great reviews on Felt, Denim and Go-Kart Mozart. Updated 18/9/2005. Has a nice Message Board. OUT OF ORDER
  Record collector magazine. You can order Lawrence Interview & Annotated Discography - Issue 165.
Java movie on the web: "THE NEW POTATOES" by Denim. Thanks Todd!
Felt page on Myspace (includes 4 tracks)
Denim page on Myspace (includes 4 tracks)
Go-Kart Mozart page on Myspace (includes 4 tracks)
Felt biography where you can add info
  Rate your music you can rate Felt music.
  Capas de culto tributes Felt and Denim album covers.
Material pop genius..a tribute to Lawrence - A Lawrence Facebook suppport page, by David Gerard Tindall
Go-Kart Mozart support Facebook page. Always updated!
First Third Books edited Felt - the book. Still available and a masterpiece
  Felt: a declaration. great site, always updating videos and rare photos.
  Papel de som: a blog by José Polido containing his encounter with Felt in Lisbon.