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January 2018

.THE FUTURE WIIL TAKE PLACE IN FEBRUARY. Don't forget these 3 major events
1) According to Cherry Red, February will see the release of Go Kart Mozart's - Mozart's Mini-Mart...
2) and the reissue of the first 5 Felt albums and later reissue of the other 5 Felt albums.
3) Go-Kart Mozart presentation gig:



People of the past were known to use that most notable phrase: ‘to blow your mind’ – I think it is time to scatter the dust off this old expression and to reinstate it because I can think of no better epithet to describe the effect these songs will have on the discerning listener other than to say they will positively ‘blow your mind’!!

Come and have your mind blown by Go-Kart Mozart live at the Mozart’s Mini-Mart album launch party. Includes appearances from special guest DJs.

Tickets, priced £8 (+ booking fee) will go on sale at 9.00am on Thursday 25th January exclusively from: www.4533.co.uk

July 2017

Definetely this ain't been a good year for ex-bass players.
First Mick Lloyd last summer, now...Mick Bund.
I've been informed that Mick Bund (played bass on Pictorial Jackson Review and Space Blues) died last week from heart attack.
My condolecences to family, friends and fans. Fortunately, death is not the end for good artists.
They won't be forgotten
(pic taken from Mickey's Facebook pages)

+++ Sad news for all Felt fans. +++

Felt bassist Mick Lloyd died last summer, 28thJuly 2016. Acording to friends, he had moved to Wales and lived in Fairbourne.
This is the Facebook memorial page: In Memory of Mick ( H Bomb ) Lloyd.
Thanks for your music Mick!


.According to the Lawrence interview in Kennedy Magazine: 2017 will see the reissue of the first five Felt albums >> the release of a NEW Go-Kart Mozart ALBUM!!! >> and later reissue of the other five Felt albums.
All this to be released on Cherry Red Records!!! (info taken from the GKM Facebook page)

.It was 25 years ago. Back in Denim was released and the musical webzine Soul Kitchen celebrates interviewing Neil Scott (Felt and Denim guitar player), Steven Hall and Cymon Eckel (from Boy’s Own Recordings label), Brian O’Shaughnessy (Back in Denim sound engineer) and Christophe Basterra (musical journalist and Felt expertee).
French and english article in here.

Musician and writer JC Brouchard (wrote Ballad of a fan, remember?), has some nice posts and updates regarding Lawrence and Felt. Pay him a visit in his FB page.

July 2016

It's finnally out!
Paul Kelly's "Lawrence of Belgravia" is being released from Heavenly Films.
You can pre-order immediately (2000 copies).
I've got mine already

Probably a fake.
I retrieved all possible information from Discogs, According to them, this is a 12" bootleg disc containing demos from 1984 albums "The Strange Idols...." and "The Spendour of Fear".
I don't know almost nothing about the label (Arkain Filloux), except that it's from Belgium.

January 2016

.So, check this cover. Another variation of Index cover

November 2015

For those unaware, "Filmonics is a brand new electronic sound-scape band, featuring Marco Thomas and Martin Davies from Fly.
Fly released their debut album 'Put the Needle Down and Fly' on Spanish based record label, Elefant, back in 2002.
The album also featured contributions from Primal Scream's Martin Duffy."

Get it here or here and see updates in their FB page

Filmonics album is now available from the San Remo Records website

You can glimpse them in https://soundcloud.com/filmonics and you can tweet them @Filmonics (Twitter)

.Click here to see wonderful pics from Felt’s Farewell Tour, December 1989, Moles, Bath

.More pics taken from the Felt book in here

.Do you want a 'Lawrence T-Shirt'? buy it here at Heathers!

July 2014

.Do you remember MARCO THOMAS?

In 2005, formed the San Remo record label, after the discovery of singer/songwriter Scott Matthews.

Released an album by psychedelic pop outfit 'The Junipers' in 2008 .

.July 2014 sees the release of an instrumental album he's made with Martin Davies (from Fly) called 'Future Forest' going under the name 'FILMONICS'

Filmonics album is now available from the San Remo Records website

Filmonics are presenting the album at Newhampton Arts Centre, Wolverhampton, UK - 14th November 2014

You can glimpse them in https://soundcloud.com/filmonics and you can tweet them @Filmonics (Twitter)

.And here's the rest of the best: I arranged a Q&A with Marco, opened to all you Felt/Fly/Filmonics fans!!!
In September I'll keep you posted, just keep an eye at the Felt tribute site.

October 2013

September 2013

. An unveiled treasure!
If you have 1982's My face is on fire single you'll be confused by the following pic.>>>
The original single has a pinhole and the layout is silver grey.
It was sold through ebay for about 70 euros.
Another unveiled treasure (Discography>Others section)

. Some Bootlegs and loads of Felt covers from Youtube.
Click on Multimedia and have a taste in here (Minks - Fortune)

. Now, be still and listen to this 1968 pearl:

.And read this excellent review on Space Blues

Listen to the 1995 Tribute to Felt reelased by Elefant Records

. Go-Kart Mozart Live in Preston, UK!!!

Friday 4th October at The New Continental bar, in Preston!
Go-Kart Mozart plus The Oreoh!s and Hot Vestry.
Be there if you can.

. Lawrence of Belgravia screening twice
Acording to Heavenly Films, "Lawrence of Belgravia" will be screening at the Festival Number 6 in Portmeirion(north Wales), Saturday 14th September.
Q&A with Lawrence is hosted by Marc Riley
Repeat screening Sunday 15th September at 16:00 without Q&A.

. Lawrence of Belgravia screened at "Don't Knock the Rock 2013" film festival in Los Angeles, 30th August.

Maurice Deebank's 'Inner Thought Zone' gets reissued (again).

Inner Thought Zone, released in 1984 through Cherry Red, is Deebank's only solo release (unfortunally). In July, nearly 30 after, the album (cd and lp format) was reissued through 1972 without any bonus tracks or extras.

And you can buy here or here.

Lawrence fans, get your eyes wide open!

In his last interview to Mojo Magazine (Articles section), "Lawrence adds, if anyone has an original November 1975 edition of glamour photo mag Club International Gallery International with the Malcolm McLaren interview, please get in touch). - [email protected]"

July 2013

.Lost mystery LP solved at last:
Click on the image bellow and see if you spot something odd...

Noticed something strange? the band's name perhaps...that's right, It's the long missing "Let the snakes crinkle their heads to death" second cover. Acording to Jon Butler, this was probably never issued commercially (thanks for the pic Jon).
Click on the Discography section to see more details.

February 2013

.Papel de som: a blog by José Polido containing his encounter with Felt in Lisbon (Links tab)

PULL DOWN THE FUTURE - An Evening With Lawrence
Saturday 23rd Feb.
The Poetry Club
Eastvale Place
(by SWG3)

Lawrence (there is never a surname mentioned in press or publicity) is possibly the last enigmatic legend of British Independent Music. His musical projects span three decades :- the unspeakably beautiful guitar pop of FELT in the 80's , the glam-rock propelled, wryly iconoclastic DENIM in the 90's and his current project, the wildly comedic yet almost unclassifiable Go Kart Mozart. His work under these various guises have earned him a significant cult status, as well as a reputation as a determined and uncompromising outsider.

Yet Lawrence is considered by some - including Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie, Pulp front-man Jarvis Cocker and Belle & Sebastian's Stewart Murdock - to be an unsung musical genius, a legendary one-of-a-kind pop maverick.

The Poetry Club present an evening in the company of this unique artist. There will be a screening of the 2011 documentary film "Lawrence Of Belgravia" followed by an "in conversation" with Lawrence. The film is an extraordinary intimate voyage filmed over eight years, which explores Lawrence's obsession with fame and the thing that keeps him from it - an unswerving dedication to his singular musical vision. An exhibition of previously un-seen collage pieces will be presented in the Gallery Arch, and will include a collaborative intervention with the works by Lawrence himself and the artist Jim Lambie. Then the evening with be finally rounded off with a performance by Go Kart Mozart, who will be playing an exclusive UK ONE TIME ONLY performance of material from the current album "On The Hotdog Streets".

Itinerary for the afternoon and evening events -

Admission FREE (first come first served, and limited spaces.)
4.30pm - 6.30pm -: "Lawrence Of Belgravia" Screening of Paul Kelly's 2011 documentary (inc. post film in-conversation with Lawrence).
The fim screening will be a seated event.
7 - 9pm. -: Exhibition Preview. Including a live collaboration between Lawrence & Jim Lambie.

Admission - £10.
10.30pm -: GO KART MOZART live performance. (running time 45.mins)
11.20pm - 2am -: club NITE with special guest DJs.

A Felt poster features in the movie"The perks of being a wildflower".

July 2012

.NEWS: Go-Kart Mozart - Live session now scheduled for 26 July on BBC 6Music Marc Riley Show! (thanks Paul)

Mojo's excelent article on Lawrence and Felt (May 2012)
part1 part2 part3 part4 part5 part6
Uncut (August 2012) edition has free cd with a Go-Kart Mozart track

. IT'S NOW AVAILABLE!! GKM's "On The Hot Dog Streets" is available for sale on the Cherry Red site. Signed copied are sold out!

Lawrence says: "Do not encourage free downloading & do not copy this LP or burn this CD for any of your mates - Tell them to buy it - It's pure bad manners/sheer afrrontary to give this music away gratis after all the work I put into making it"

.Check out "On the Hot Dod Streets" various reviews (BBC, The Guardian, The Quietus, Uncut, etc.). Review section (you can find the links to the original article in the review). Also a interview with Paul Kelly

.Juicy review from Larissa (From a high horse site) for Felt: the book!

.There's a buzz on the internet concerning Go-Kart Mozart live performances. Let's hope so.

May 2011

. An interesting article about the making of Lawrence of Belgravia. Lawrence: a suitable case for treatment, by worldofhoola


NEW GO KART MOZART AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER!!!!! Lawrence will sign a limited number of Lps!

Available: 25th June 2012
More info in here

·Here it is at last… The long awaited third album from Go-Kart Mozart. The band formed by Lawrence (ex Felt & Denim).

·West Midlands are proud to announce that Go-Kart Mozart are "On The Hot Dog Streets": A double-album for your delectation and contains all the trademarks of an innovative release. It will be issued on CD, LP and digital formats.

·As well as an extensive mail-out from the Cherry Red office to all the main music magazines and broadsheets, the new album will be actively promoted by our estimable radio plugger.

·Remember - get dirt on your needle with West Midland Records… (info taken from the Cherry Red site)

Lawrence says:
Advertisements for my band - "Go-Kart Mozart have offered us their contempt. The entire album is a rag bag of contemptuous attitudes. Contempt for art - contempt for sex - contempt for their country and most especially contempt for the audience that might be listening. All this, it must be said, is not perceived through a tin ear or a dim mind, but through a widescreen composition of what ails us most, while we are lost in our fallacies displaying an acute distaste, we are forced to finally see our own reflection and scream back at it in abject terror…"

.Articles> Felt, l'amour by Noémie Lecoq (Felt book review (french article from Les Inrockuptibles)

April 2011

Here's Cherry Red official date for:

Go Kart Mozart "New World In The Morning" 7' - April 21st - Available for download here in Itunes.
A cover of a Roger Whittaker song from 1970.

"Die-cut paper sleeve designed by Lawrence (in polythene bag)
A-side features in the film ‘Lawrence Of Belgravia’

Exclusively for Record Store Day 2012, Go-Kart Mozart, the current incarnation of Felt legend Lawrence (now the star of the film ‘Lawrence of Belgravia’), issue a brand new single. An incredible fusion of synthpop and Lawrence’s distinctly English, humorous outlook on life. "

Both tracks are exclusive to this release, and ‘New World In The Morning’ features in the recent biopic ‘Lawrence Of Belgravia’.

Limited to 1,000 copies, this 7” is sure to be one of the standout releases of Record Store Day and demand will be high. Lawrence’s appeal still proves timeless, and his back catalogue continues to sell well.
Track listing:
A. New world in the morning
B. Gizmos

Tour dates for Lawrence of Belgravia announced:

2 London Riverside Studios
7 Bristol Cube
8 London Tricycle
9 Sheffield Showroow
10 Nottingham Broadway
12 Birmingham MAC
13 Belfast Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival
14 London Brixton Ritzy
15 Leeds Hyde Park Picturehouse
16 Newcastle Tyneside Cinema
17 Edinburgh Cameo
21 London Hackney Picturehouse

Lawrence Of Belgravia - Trailer (Directed by Paul Kelly)

.New updates! reviews, articles, videos!! On the Hot dog streets lineup (>related Discography)

.Also, Lawrence new articles on Mojo, april edition and Cherry Red zine

The band Girls release a single called "Lawrence", a tribute to "our" Lawrence. A limited edition.

November 2011


.I'm dying to see the doc! Lawrence of Belgravia premiered as part of the 55th BFI London Film Festival in October. A Heavenly Films production. Glasgow's next.

.Also read Paul Kelly's last interview (Cultural Capital blog) and check film reviews (>Reviews tab). Acording to Paul Kelly, there'll be a release in DVD in the end of 2012.



FELT. A photo book on Felt released by First Third Books. 1000 copies available. (SOLD OUT in fact)
The site offers a pick into some of the pages.

August 2011
.Lawrence interviews Pete Astor about his new album, filmed by Paul Kelly.

.Tuesdays secret lyrics available and insert a video in the Multimedia section and new videos in the Multimedia section

.What a wonderfull article this is: "A rock star can not be killed by a black cab or a mini cab", The Charlatans' Tim Burgess gives Larry some love here.

May 2011

.Vivonzeureux! presents:


A new book on FELT by JC BROUCHARD!

A Vivonzeureux! publication
© 2011 JC Brouchard All rights reserved
116 pages

Three stops to get info about it :
A web page : http://vivonzeureux.fr/felt
A Facebook page : www.facebook.com/pages/Felt-Ballad-of-the-fan-by-JC-Brouchard/130826880326461
The merchant site :Book Edition

Also available in french: FELT: La Ballad du Fan

Acording to JC Brouchard "My piece in Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango was just a chapter in a book, Felt : Ballad of the fan, that I have now finished and published!"

.I've also updated some photos on the Discography section and Related Discography

.Original Snakebite by Peter Skellern youtube video (Multimedia)

.Felt - a Declaration DVD distribuited by a brazilian company (Videography section)

April 2011
.Darren gently granted access to a Felt rarity. Primitve Painters 12" (Discography>Other Editions)

.Cherry Red releases Bubblegum Perfume with 3 new tracks (replacing other tracks).
Check Discography for more details or the Felt Forum

February 2011

.In this month edition: 2 youtube videos "The Stagnant Pool" improvisation (multimedia section), also the above video and "Never Reissued Felt Tracks", by Robert (articles section)

.Watch out for Facebook Lawrence support groups. I spoted 4 of them at least...

.News on Lawrence and GKM: rumours says the album/albuns have been finished and they are now ready for production. Does the name John A. Rivers rings any bells?

.For your delight, a reference in NME's January edition:

.And in the Articles section, the fanzine Eccentric Sleeve Notes (Oct 1984) with an article on Felt!

August 2010
.Check out Mojo's last issue. A short piece on Lawrence, featuring the new album in October and a photobook on Felt.
It's coming soon. What more can we ask for?

.Click here to read a short, but nice review on the excelent F.E.L.T. fanzine. To Christian and Mike a big thanks!

.Another recent Lawrence interview in the spanish magazine Rockdeluxe. On demand I'll translate it. Check Articles section

June 2010
.Read Lawrence's latest interview to Time Out Magazine (catalan to english translation by José Manuel Caturla). Gracias José. Check Articles

It's out there!


"You can now purchase copies of Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango, a 160 page fanzine dedicated to all Felt things . The 'zine costs £10 including postage within the UK, £12 for Europe and £13 for further afield. Since there's only 500 copies, it might be a good idea to get a copy sooner rather than later. If you should want to have it, that is."

Go to http://foxtrotecholimatango.blogspot.com/



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